University Of Sheffield Invites Applications For Bioengineering

Students will spend a year working in an engineering, medical or healthcare company

The University of Sheffield, UK is inviting applications for its Bioengineering with an Industrial Placement Year BEng course starting in September 2022.

In the  first year students will get a broad-based introduction to bioengineering.

Students will learn about biology, physiology and anatomy and begin to understand how traditional engineering principles can be applied to the human body.

In the Global Engineering Challenge, students  will work alongside other students on a week-long project to solve a problem set by one of the university’s industrial partners.

At the end of year one, students will choose between two broad themes before refining their choice even further in year two to study one of these four specialisations:

Biomedical Engineering - How engineering principles can provide innovative solutions to safeguard and enhance human health.

Medical Devices and Systems - The development of novel medical devices and the improvement of clinical engineering systems.

Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering - The application of materials engineering and cell biology principles to achieve improved repair of injured and damaged body tissues and organs.

Biomanufacturing - The application of chemical engineering and cell biology principles to improve the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and other biologically active substances.

Students will spend a year working in an engineering, medical or healthcare company. This real-world experience gives  students a competitive advantage in the job market once they graduate.

In the final year, students will work on an individual project related to their  specialism.


4 years


- 80 per cent in standard XII including Maths and a science subject

- ELTS grade of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in each component; or an alternative acceptable English language qualification


The annual fee for overseas students is £25,670 for 2022-23

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