Video-Based Learning: The New Normal

In the new normal, video-based learning allows learners to grasp at their own pace as compared to classroom learning.

Lately, video-based learning has been gaining popularity amongst learners because of its engaging & engrossing methods which involve visual as well as auditory cognitive senses. The content and the teaching methods are not only visually appealing, but they also engross the learners with their subject explanation and verbal content. The knowledge or skill acquired in such a way is believed to last longer. Video-based learning covers four major factors of learning motivation which are said to be; attention, relevance, confidence & satisfaction and by providing a complete model learning package, it proves to be highly effective. The large no. of benefits associated with video-based learning are encouraging organizations & institutes to adopt this trend in their regular teaching or training methods. Video-based learning provides the students with an opportunity to learn the subject at their convenience in the most effective way. Today’s education scenario works best on a need-based learning intervention concept where learners prefer to learn when & where they find it suitable.

Classroom learning with its set standard structure & timing might not be highly suitable for everyone as per their routine which results in many students not being able to opt for their desired course. However, if the course gets available by the institute in the video form on the online platform it breaks the barrier of time & location. The highly engaging content explained by the experts in interesting ways makes the learning suited for today’s minds who gets bored from the monotonous form of classroom teaching. Video learning is super suitable as per the multi-modal learning approach wherein the course structure includes different mediums of images – moving and static, text, animations, sound, and audio, allowing for the learner to engage on a whole level, and learn and retain better. Also, the videos are developed with the aim of focussing on one specific topic at once which facilitates effective consumption of the topic content & doesn’t overwhelm the learner. Direct benefits linked with video-based learning has been evident with facilitated critical thinking & problem-solving skills, developed learner autonomy and multisensory engagement of the learners.

On the other end, the latest digital evolvement has immensely facilitated and encouraged learners to procure the ready resources available easily online on their digital devices. Be it school, higher education, skill-based learning or corporate training, such content has become a go-to for the highly competitive & time challenging scenario. One more factor which contributes to the high acceptance of this model is the pliability to access the content repeatedly whenever required. They have the freedom to run, continue & pause whenever they wish to. They do not have to continuously dedicate a specific time duration to attend the course. This suits the modern learning requirements where learners are quite in the category of multitaskers. 

From the cost point of view, this has proven to be highly cost-effective for educational institutes, colleges, universities & corporate offices. The one time cost can easily offset the higher & repetitive cost involved with the physical learning session. Instructors also get to save on their energy & time by curating the video once for multiple classes. 

Overall, video learning is here to stay & success stories of different Youtube video channels, tutorials are ample testimonial of the effectiveness of the learner involvement with this medium.

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