Way2News To Reinvent Morning Assembly In Govt Schools

This initiative aims to reach 10,000 schools in the next one year with a vision to make every Indian an informed citizen and empower young Indians at an early age with relevant and authentic news

Way2News, a hyperlocal digital news app, is on a quest to reimagine the morning assembly news reading tradition in Government schools. This effort seeks to reach 10,000 schools in the next year with the goal of making every Indian an informed citizen and providing young Indians with relevant and authentic news at an early age.  

Way2News' programme is a huge step forward in raising awareness and encouraging citizen journalism within the student and teacher communities, supporting active engagement in staying informed and connected across the entire school. 

"We are thrilled to reintroduce the time-honoured tradition of morning assembly news reading in government schools. At Way2news, our mission is to deliver reliable, relevant and hyperlocal news to a billion Indians by leveraging the power of technology and human interventions. Through this endeavour, we aspire to extend our reach to 10,000 schools within the next year. Additionally, with this initiative, our aim is to empower students with the right information, ignite their curiosity and help them make informed opinions about the most pertinent issues that impact our society,” Raju Vanapala, CEO and founder, Way2News expressed his enthusiasm.

Through this news app, students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of news stories, including local, national and international news, which broadens their perspectives and horizons of information. This initiative offers an alternative avenue for students to expand their factual information and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. The intent is to help these students develop critical thinking skills and encourage them to engage in meaningful discussions, which is essential for academic and personal development.

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