Ways To Combat Cybercrime

Published by OUP, the book entitled Cyber Forensics is written by Dejay and S Murugan

This book Cyber Forensics is intended to make the reader aware of growing cyber threats, cybercrimes and the ways to combat cybercrime. It highlights cyber forensics which identifies whether any cybercrime has been executed, traces its source from the digital evidence and recovers data if in case it has been compromised. The success of cybercrime investigation relies on an accurate acquisition, in-depth analysis, and the presentation of digital evidence before a court. Cyber Law plays a pivotal role to penalize the offenders of cyberspace. This book attempts to elucidate the national and international laws governing cybercrime with various cases, case laws, and case studies. The key features in this book are listed as follows:

Explains cybercrimes and cyber forensics in three stages, namely - Acquisition, Analysis, and Admissibility of digital evidence, case studies, and the cyber laws in India and at international level

Practical cases are discussed in the book in almost all the chapters, as and where applicable

Cybercrime issues are more prevalent in the deep web than in surface web - underlying technologies like cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and the deep and dark web are explained with examples

The role played by the Government of India as Incident Response is highlighted

Case Studies and Case Laws explain possible legal proceedings against cybercrimes

The book is written in simple English and the flow of chapters is organized as networks and network security as the first part, chapters on cybercrime are presented next, which is followed by chapters on cyber forensics, and the final part of the book touches upon cyber laws.

For every chapter, its outline and learning outcomes are presented. The contents in the chapter are well structured. Important terms are highlighted as bold and italicized text and illustrations are provided to make the content simpler and easily understandable. Case Studies are presented to highlight how in real-world incidents occur and how they are handled. Boxed items are included to present relevant facts and terms. Demonstrations with appropriate tools bring exposure as to how cybercrime cases are cracked in the real world. Points to remember for every chapter help to revise the concepts learnt. Key terms are provided to trace the relevant terms associated with every chapter. Practice questions (Multiple Choice and Review) ensure the thoroughness of the reader with the concepts. Further application questions make the reader apply the concepts learnt and thereby verify whether learning outcomes are achieved.

About the authors: 

Dejey is currently Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University, Tirunelveli Regional Centre. 

S. Murugan is a 1997 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and currently the Inspector General (IG) of Police and Joint Director, Vigilance and Anti-corruption, Chennai.

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