What The Entrepreneurs Have To Say On Teacher's Day

The entrepreneurs who have succeeded in their lives with the help of their mentors' inspiration and teachings shares their views.

On this auspicious day, the entrepreneurs who have succeeded in their lives with the help of their mentors' inspiration and teachings shares their views.

Shabnum Khan, Founder, 750ad Healthcare, An Entrepreneur from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

"Despite being from a small town, I managed to dream bigger and worked extremely hard to fulfil my dreams of being an entrepreneur. This could happen only because of the constant guidance and teachings that my mother instilled in me, right from childhood. Yes, my mother is my inspiration and my favourite teacher. The success mantra has been passed on to me by a woman, who was the first girl from her village to graduate and followed her dream of becoming a teacher. That's not all, she pursued her passion, chased her dreams, running parallel the household and my upbringing, and eventually retired as a Principal. She is my constant inspiration and motivation. She managed to strike a perfect balance between career and household duties. I am sure to have inherited the entrepreneurial skills from her, who made my grandfather feel proud of her at every stage of her career.  She always wanted to do something for girl child education and through her will power and passion, she managed to do it. I strongly feel that my mother's strict and disciplined upbringing is what made us grow as a strong-headed yet grounded human beings. It was lifelong learning for us. We realized that it does not matter whether you are from a small town or a metro,  if you have dreams and goals, then you can achieve it under any circumstances and situations. Love yourself and your dream, rest Allah will carve your path. In my Mom’s words- “Manzil milegi, bhatak Kar hi sahi. Gumrah to wo Hain, Jo Ghar Se nikle hi nahin”. 

Aanchal Shrivastava, Founder, TAA Music Label, An Entrepreneur from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

"Every time I have a conversation with my dad, He surprises me, with examples which are so simple and life-changing. The most important thing to grow is to accept. Dad never tells me straight, but he narrated his own failures and confronts a lot of times his own failures."

For every child, dad is the Hero. But when the hero says “I am not a real-life hero, I couldn’t become what I wanted to, I could not achieve it, whatever may be the reason”, you get back thinking. While he would narrate his stories, he always added “Mehnat mein shayad kami reh gayi thi”. Your hard work towards your passion is the key. No shortcut. 

"One of his favourite lines which he told me for the first time when I was in 11th std - Khudi ko karr buland itna ki har taqdeer se pehle, Khuda bande se ye pooche bata teri raza kya hai” is engraved in my heart for a lifetime. As a child, as a teen and forever - This will be my Motto."

Aaradhya Dev Khanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Gem Selections & Khanna Gems Group

"I have been a part of business discussions ever since I was five and today, I am 21 years old managing business worth Crores. This has all been possible because of my biggest teacher in life- My Father. He is the strongest pillar of support for me, not just because he is my biggest strength but also because he has always encouraged me to make my own life decisions which have made me strong-willed and independent today. My father has always given me complete freedom both in my professional and personal life to pave a path of self-reliance for myself. While he has let me free, at the same time I also know that he will always have my back, even if I falter and will teach me ways of correcting my mistakes. It is because of his teachings that I have been able to develop a strong identity for myself and today I am confident enough to handle the toughest phases of business or life both. Dad has taught me how to build strong relationships with all the stakeholders in the business and the importance of a relationship based on trust & transparency. He has taught me that in business, the money will come & go but it takes years to build a reputation, while it only takes a few seconds to destroy it. So never do anything which can tarnish the reputation. He has taught me to work ethically in business, no matter how lucrative it might be to follow the unethical path. In personal life, he has taught me to be humble & never let success get the best of you.  Treat everyone, as you would like to be treated yourself."

Akash Deep Singhal, Founder- Illumnus 

"My family is my biggest teacher. My grandfather was an English teacher who did not just teach because he was a teacher, but he taught because he knew that right education can change the landscape of the country and build a stronger future generation. During the times when commuting was either on foot or on bullock carts, he would go miles to teach his students and made efforts to enthuse the literature by Shakespeare and Rabindranath Tagore into the curriculum of the primitive schools.

Similarly, my father is a gynaecologist and has lived his life in service of the people which is a source of motivation for me. Having been brought up in an environment where the community came before the family is what has made me the kind of a person I am today. I am also overwhelmed by the efforts that the teachers are making to teach their students online. 50-year-old teachers who have never taught online are learning and applying technology to impart education in these tough times and that is what adds value to the education system as a whole. While there is darkness there is light in the form of the inspirational entities around us."

Gauri Dehankar, Co-founder and head of business association - Illumnus 

"My father was a doctor and he wanted to treat patients in the remotest villages of the country which was a tough decision but all in the welfare of the community. On the other hand like all parents, my mother wanted me and my brother to get a good education and be self-reliant, so she took the tough decision of staying away from my father for our education. She made sure that we got proper education and developed a strong inclination towards community welfare. She would visit us every month at our school to make sure we are doing well in our academics. She would ensure that I have no troubles at school and that I am passionate towards my classmates. All that I am today is because of my mother and her teachings. Mr Kalam once said, “Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre and future of an individual”. That’s her for me!"

Dr Sunita Gandhi, Founder of Geti and GCPL

"Wishing all the educators across the nation a very happy teacher’s day! It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of an ever-growing fraternity of the teachers and education leaders. With the right guidance and transformative professional learning experience, I’m confident that this community will contribute greatly towards the growth of our country. Let’s not forget, for even once, that teachers work every day in order to make sure our young generation has a bright future. Their knowledge and commitment towards their profession play a key role in the development of our country’s progress. Let us together transform all facets of our education system into a necessary and a desirable change. I also believe that by giving professional development training to our teachers, we can together drive student well-being and quality education at schools and universities level. Let us make the most of this privilege!"

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