WhiteHat Jr Aims To Create Live 1:1 Music Category

Develops a custom-built music learning platform to teach Guitar and Piano with Live teachers

WhiteHat Jr, known for delivering live online classes in Coding and Math, today announced the commercial launch of its Music curriculum to teach Piano and Guitar online. This follows a highly successful beta phase which was limited to paid WhiteHat Jr students. The company has onboarded 800+ trained music teachers to deliver one-to-one sessions leveraging a custom-built music learning platform.

Making music accessible with a customized platform

Designed from the ground up, the platform has been built after incorporating feedback from music experts, teachers, students and early adopters. 

The company has partnered with musical stalwart Lucky Ali as part of its brand campaign to popularise music offering to students across the country. The ‘create like a child’ campaign focuses on celebrating, honouring and taking inspiration from individuals who have achieved stardom by listening to their inner child to unlock their full potential. 

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