Why Choose Aviation As A Career

Aviation as a career is an exciting and dynamic industry to enter with many opportunities for professional and personal growth

Aviation is not just a career, but a way of life full of excitement and good compensation as a part and parcel of it. It takes on average 100 people to get one aircraft off the ground. Are you surprised? You should be when we all know there are only two pilots in the cockpit.  The other 98 are on the ground or in the aircraft cabin helping the aircraft fly.

Aviation starts at the entry gate of an airport and ends at its exit gate. Walking through the process of taking a commercial flight, here are some of the helping hands travellers will encounter.

The ticket booking process, which used to be manual requiring many more hands has now become automatic, thanks to technology, but then there is the commercial division of the airline handling the back end of a ticket-selling portal.

As you enter the airport, you are welcomed by the Security Personal, checking your ticket and identity, just to ensure you are at the right terminal and the same person who bought the ticket. Unfortunately, the 9/11 saga did change the freedom to enter the airport. Now you do not have visitor tickets to see off your friends and relatives nor can you receive them inside the airport.

Crossing the security line brings you right in contact with the first batch of Aviation professionals, the Ground Staff. The people responsible for your well-being at the airport, checking your ticket, issuing boarding passes, and checking in your baggage. They for the core of the airline’s staff, are present at all airports, and always willing to help and that is a good career choice if you want to be stationed in one city and still enjoy being in the world of Aviation.

Moving closure to the departure, after crossing the security check, you will again find a swarm of professionals, directing you to the designated boarding gate and finally bringing you in the aircraft.

We all are familiar with the aviators in the aircraft. The Pilots & the Flight Attendants. They have always been there since the first day of commercial flying. All this while we have been at the airport. How about a peek outside the airport on the runway side?

There we have the other set of aviation professionals, the ATC (Air Traffic Controller), the AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer), the Loader, the fuel truck operator, the pushback operators, and many more.

Aviation is an exciting and challenging profession that offers ample of opportunities to grow. An aviation professional is challenged to think critically and solve challenges on a daily basis. They also have the opportunity to tour new places, interact with new people and learn about different cultures.

The aviation industry is growing exponentially. The demand for skilled and qualified pilots and other aviation professionals continues to grow. A career in aviation offers good job security and can be very lucrative. Aviation professionals earn a very good salary, especially from a major airline or cargo company.

Aviation is a rapidly growing industry with plenty of opportunities for advancement. The industry also offers a great lifestyle and the chance to work with cutting-edge technology. This is also a highly skilled and technical field, which means that there is always a need for trained professionals. Aviation is a world of its own with multiple roles to fit every need and every passion, go chase your dreams.

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