Why Content Writing Industry Is Next Big Thing To Look Out For Post COVID-19?

Here are some major reasons, why the content-writing industry is going to scale-up in the coming days.

In the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the content writing industry took a major hit as the nationwide lockdown jolted the entire business industry. However, with the vaccine being rolled out and the number of coronavirus cases on the decline, the content writing industry is on the rise. There is only one way where the content writing industry is heading now - up. Here are some major reasons, why the content-writing industry is going to scale-up in the coming days.

The shift to digital

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, businesses across various sectors were forced to go digital to sustain themselves, as governments across the world imposed a strict lockdown to curtail the spread of the virus. Even the 'brick-and-mortar' businesses shifted online to have a digital presence.

The online platform became the magical door through which all businesses began to function and even grow. Such transformation cannot be possible without these businesses having meaningful content on their website to attract the customers. As a result, several businesses have now started to hire online content writing agencies to write content for their website visitors. Even with the Coronavirus fading away, experts believe this trend is now going to stay put.

Research has now shown that the SME sector which was slow in its digitalization process due to its small workforce can now generate maximum returns with a minimum amount of investment.  

Rise of tech-based start-ups

The Indian start-up ecosystem faced anxiety in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though facing major challenges, several of these new startups showed courage and played a major role in reviving the Indian economy.

These new tech-based startups which are now creating websites and applications of their own do need fresh content to portray themselves to their targeted audience. Content writing agencies are playing a major role in covering this gap. Also, with time, these startups are going to expand thus requiring more content to explain themselves and their products.

A rapid increase in the number of internet users

During the COVID-19 pandemic, developing countries across the world including India saw a rapid increase in the number of internet users. In the past 10 years, internet consumption in India has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent. As per Cisco Annual Internet Report, India will have more than 907 million internet users by end of 2023 – i.e., 64% of the entire population. Of the 504 million active internet users in India, 70% of them are daily users.

The above statistics bring good news for the content writing industry. With the number of online readers going to increase, the demand for quality and useful online content is going to rise.  

Increasing trust in online transactions

The pandemic has given a much-needed boost to the digital economy. With most of the offices closed and people fearful to venture out of their homes, online marketplace, online education, online banking and other financial activities are on the rise. People who were once hesitant of using the online mode of payment, are now doing actively. Contactless and cashless transactions have become the preferred choice among consumers and merchants alike. Daily average electronic transactions have increased from 66 lakh in 2014 to 16.3 crore in 2020.

Though the pandemic is now subsiding, businesses are now increasingly dependent on the online mode of transactions. An increase in trust with the online mode of transactions is extensively helping the content writing companies. Businesses working in peripheries of the country can easily approach content writing agencies based in other parts of the country to produce content.   

Better online connectivity

The consumption of the Internet grew by 13 percent following the nationwide lockdown to minimize the spread of coronavirus. The increased pressure of a sudden spike in the internet connection following the lockdown did put some stress on the telecom networks. For instance, it was difficult to carry out daily tasks like online classes or virtual meetings.

The increased spike in internet connectivity has made both the government and telecom service providers realize the scope of better and faster internet connectivity. Better online connectivity will provide further impetus to businesses to move their functions online. This, in turn, will provide more opportunities for the content writing agencies to tap the expanding digital space.

With so many major factors going to play a major role in boosting the growth for content writing post COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to conclude with the fact that the sky is the limit for this industry in days to come.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house

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