Ashish Fernando

The author is the Founder and CEO of iSchoolConnect

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Why Are International Students Flocking To Italy For Higher Education

There is a shift of focus among study abroad aspirants when choosing a study destination; students are looking beyond traditional English-taught countries and universities

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Why Do Indian Students Prefer US To Study Abroad

A student needs to feel secure in a foreign country through consistent support and the overall dependable environment

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Brilliant Ways Students Can Fund Their Education Abroad

Education overseas may seem expensive but students should consider the immense potential for a good return on investment.

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7 Key Factors Influencing Students' Decision On Studying Abroad

In April 2021, iSchoolConnect administered a survey to 25,000+ individuals in order to understand their mindset regarding higher education, here is what they found.

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How Saas-Based Edtech Services Are Benefiting Students

Long gone are the times when teachers and educators would rely on blackboard-based knowledge transfer to provide information to students. Shared documents, presentations, and online lectures are the current modus operandi and the efficiency of education is all the better for it.

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Safest Countries To Study Abroad In 2021

Before planning to study overseas in a relatively unknown country, it’s important to consider the aspect of general safety and well-being. But, which factors should you consider?

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