Ashwin Malik Meshram

The author is the MD at a US-based Artificial Intelligence company, Entrepreneur, Education Reformer and an IIT Bombay alumnus

Latest Articles By Ashwin Malik Meshram

Out Of Sync: NEP 2020 And Budget 2021

A detailed review of Budget 2021 indicates that it does not do justice to the enormous demands of the NEP.

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Free Education To Poor In Private Schools: What A Bluff!

25% of seats are supposedly reserved in all private schools for poor families. How many of us have seen poor children in the classrooms our children study in? Does NEP 2020 address this issue – of course not.

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Why English Language Is The True Savior For The Poor And The Backward?

NEP fails to acknowledge the role of English language in the success of India’s educated class, and thus positions itself to further widen the intellectual and economic divide in the country.

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Online Schooling: Why We Need To Shun This Habit Once The Pandemic Is Over


The online schooling is going to revolutionize education they say and not only the student doesn’t need to go to a physical classroom anymore, but he can also learn wherever he wants.

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