Col. Rajendra Prasad Nadella

Co-Founder, Managing Director iScholar He drives overall business direction and leads the management team of iScholar. He has bachelors in science from Jawaharlal Nehru University and PG in Retail Management from Indian Retail School. Later, he has also served as the director of Indian Retail School. A dedicated educationist and die-hard proponent of “quality education for all” he has been, over the past decade, involved with a number of education initiatives. He founded GREAT, a leading B-School geared at offering global training in retail management from its branches in Hyderabad and Lavasa and also manages franchises of the Indian Retail School in Bangalore and Hyderabad. A decorated army officer, he served with distinction with the National Security Guard. Currently, with a social motive to provide education for all at a nominal price, he has co-founded iSchoar to impart IIT-JEE coaching at an affordable price.

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Passion, Desire and Motivation are what Anand Kumar expects from his students. He wants his students to focus on the learning and not the lucrative package that a degree from IITs can get you.

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Even when Girls outperform boys in 12th board examinations in India; what is keeping them away from IITs?

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