Dilip Puri

Dilip Puri is founder & CEO of Indian School of Hospitality.

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Hospitality Education In The New Digital Dimension

The possibility of returning back to lockdown is still there and digital education might be around for a while.

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Training Culinary Students & Chefs Away From Kitchen During COVID-19

Institutions providing culinary courses faced the same challenge of adopting the online class modes and moving their entire curriculum online.

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Can Online Learning Be Better Than Campus Learning

Once we get past this pandemic, will institutes across the globe reopen their doors and resume classes as before, or will the education model be changed forever?

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Corona Outbreak: Time For Indian Institutions To Continue Via Online Learning

Schools and colleges have been trying to prevent academic losses of the students by either conducting classes online.

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Life Skills – A Requirement For Today’s Higher Education Landscape

It’s clear we live in a world that is more fluid and rapidly changing than ever – and slowly but surely, fixed skill sets are being pushed out in favour of flexible ones. To produce better talent, it’s time for higher education institutes to focus more on soft and interpersonal skills just as much as traditional ones if we’re to see our future generations of graduates to their full potential.

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