Dr Kulneet Suri

The author is Senior Director at Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida

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How Far Can Management Education Take On Path To Success

Business management education is a good way of attaining basic qualities that a prodigious manager needs, especially for learning the management jargon that is required in the corporate world

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Can Learning Agility Be Taught In B Schools

‘Adaptability to learn’ refers to the capability that an individual requires to learn and achieve better results. B-schools help in this case by assessing and determining if a student is ready with skills to learn and improve his/her efficiency

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Management Strategies That Can Motivate Your Team

It takes various motivation strategies to achieve the desired results and create a spirit of enthusiasm among the team members.

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Best Tools For Fashion Designing Professionals

To produce the best output of their talent, fashion designing professionals use several tools at different stages that enable them to create and produce their designs efficiently.

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Smart Ways To Choose The Best Institute For A PGDM Course?

Here are a few tips on how you can choose the best institute for your preferred PGDM course.

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Top Skills For A Successful Management Career

Management has now become a career in itself which comprises leaders who can work efficiently and drive a team or organisation to succeed.

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