Dr Ramakrishnan Raman

The author is Professor and Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune. His passion is working and interacting with the future corporate leaders.

Latest Articles By Dr Ramakrishnan Raman

Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Leadership Development

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognise, understand and manage one's own emotions, as well as to recognise and empathise with the emotions of others

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Integrating Behavioural Economics And Financial Econometrics

Integrating behavioural economics and financial econometrics is important for future management professionals because it can provide a comprehensive understanding of financial markets and consumer behaviour

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Indian Philosophy And Modern Management

By incorporating the principles of Indian Philosophy into modern management practices, organisations can foster a culture of innovation, drive growth and promote long-term success

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Rethinking The Role Of Women In Business Programmes

Women are able to make bold and wise decisions as leaders; this helps make the team environment more cooperative.

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Is MBA Education Still Worth It During a Global Recession?

What is the value of an MBA during a recession? Is it worth pursuing?

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5 Ways Business Schools Are Exploring Experiential Learning Opportunities Across Programmes

Experiential learning during the pandemic has become a difficult task for all educational institutes, here is how B-Schools are handling it.

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How Diversity And Inclusion Are Ensured In B Schools

Including and encouraging gender diversity in institutions is increasingly taking high priority. Here are some ways B schools in India are ensuring more women participate.

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What Do MBA Graduates Do At Work After Completion Of Their Course

An MBA in sales and marketing will be involved in the core sales process of the organisations and will be expected to connect with clients, generating value and revenue.

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Are Business Schools Helping To Reduce Gender Inequality In The Workplace?

Once the ratio between male and female students is balanced then B Schools can certainly help more women access the leadership roles that an MBA opens up.

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Six Business Skills Employers Will Want Post-COVID Situation

While having the fundamental subject knowledge along with basic skill sets like excellent communication and ability to articulate have always remained a requirement by the corporates, post-COVID time, they are looking for new skill sets and some of them are listed here.

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