Harsh Bharwani

The author is CEO and MD, Jetking Infotrain

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Skills Needed To Be Ahead In Tech Space

The greatest strategy to secure your career for the future is to keep up with the most in-demand IT skills

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Key Areas Where Young Graduates Need To Upskill

Living skills are essential for dealing with the challenges of everyday life in a constantly changing world

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How Can 5G Technology Impact Indian Education System

5G can become a good answer that can improve quality and dependability around the globe

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Metaverse Changing The Way We See Future

It is a virtual 3D space and it allows people to create accounts for free to join the space

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Women In Technology

Women in technological professions have attained enormous recognition on a global scale. This has demonstrated to the entire world how important it is for the tech industry to hire more women

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Upskilling: A Priority Or Necessity

Upskilling and reskilling have become the most valuable secrets to success, with so much going on in and around IT and the world clashing around a digital revolution

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