Ketan Kotecha

Ketan Kotecha is the Director and Dean at Symbiosis Institute of Technology.

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In-Demand Skills To Enhance Employability Quotient

"The education system must be reformed while introducing new factors of production, such as knowledge, skills, and technology, capable of unleashing the productive frontiers of the economy in the most efficient and dynamic manner."

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Value Of Experiential Learning Over Theoretical Learning In The Job Market

When it comes to getting a job, college is not the most important aspect. Most of the college graduates believe that having a degree in any of the engineering fields is entitled to a job. But that is not the scenario.

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How Can An Institute Help Build Startups Through Their Pedagogy?

Students going on to create jobs instead of finding one is a matter of great pride for an educational institute. With that in mind, are institutes really doing all they can to enable this move? How can this be improved?

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Institutes' Role In Combating And Coping With COVID-19

The Internet and progression in technology have come to the rescue and have brought a huge pedagogical change in the education sector.

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What Edge Does Reputed B Tech Institute Provide?

The extra edge what a reputed institute will give would never be the same as any other college.

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Different Branches In Engineering: Scope And Career Prospects

Engineering is a one-of-a-kind field which never ceases to grow. This field has a lot to offer to everyone who is willing to learn, innovate, go above and beyond their comfort zone and build a strong foundation for a successful career.

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