Kiran Dham

The author is CEO of Globus Infocom

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How Government Schools Have A Proactive Approach To Digitisation


Ever since then, digital adoption has picked up the pace. Government schools are also pro-actively embracing the edtech solution providers

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The Future Of Hybrid Learning Post Covid-19

Hybrid learning is something that schools and colleges are looking forward to upscale their work and provide the best quality education to the learners.

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Video-Based Learning: The New Normal

In the new normal, video-based learning allows learners to grasp at their own pace as compared to classroom learning.

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How Edtech Is Preparing Students For A Better Career By Building Lifelong Skills?

This disruption in the education industry is compelling policymakers to improve drive engagement at scale and combating the digital divide while ensuring comprehensive e-learning solutions.

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Bridging Skill Gap In India

Indian traditional education structure needs improvisation to create enough employment opportunities for the equivalently skilled workforce.

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