Nikhil Barshikar

Nikhil Barshikar is the Founder and Managing Director of Imarticus Learning, one of India’s leading professional ed-tech company that offers training in financial services and analytics. Nikhil has spent the better part of his 16-year long career in investment banking and capital markets, having held key leadership positions at some of the world’s largest finance and investment companies. Besides a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Rutgers University, Nikhil also holds a joint MBA from Columbia University and London Business School

Latest Articles By Nikhil Barshikar

How Do Professional Education Firms Guarantee Job Placement Opportunities

Professional education firms offer comprehensive courses that include thorough training in cutting-edge subjects like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many others; this helps learners acquire the skills required for thriving in this competitive world

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How Convergence Of Technology, Education & Skilling Can Create A Future-Ready India

Let's take a deep dive into how the confluence of technology, education, and skilling is the recipe for success in today's digital age

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A Brief Guide To Careers In Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offer multiple other career prospects such as Software Developer, Hardware Specialist, etc., that can help build innovative solutions to make life simple.

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Building A Successful Career In Blockchain

A vast ocean comprising of multiple fields and job roles, Blockchain has created countless career prospects for the future workforce as well as the existing ones to upskill themselves.

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New Age Jobs: 5 Exciting Career Options To Consider In 2021

In 2021, we have endless possibilities for a successful career in many fields, from, digital marketing, new age banking & finance and state-of-the-art technology.

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Learning With Machines: How Machine Learning Will Influence The Future Of Education

So before you ask how Machine Learning is going to change the face of education, we need to understand how we learn, and the most important thing to understand here is that we all learn differently.

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