Prof S Veena Iyer

The author is Assistant Professor, Accounting and Finance Area, MDI Gurgaon

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Let’s Get Back To Business (School)!

The VUCA world that organisations today operate in, requires individuals to understand the nature of the organisation’s response to the myriad challenges posed by the environment.

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Do Accreditations Play A Crucial Role In Building B-School Credibility?

Accreditations are a peer review process on a set of predefined criteria, which help any B-school to dedicate its resources and emphasize on criteria consistent with the school’s vision and mission besides meeting chosen thresholds on a regular basis.

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Hits And Misses Of The Stimulus Package: E-vidya

the government revealed the PM’s e-Vidya digital education initiative that attempts to leverage technologies and devices available with the man on the street to address this issue.

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