Rekha Kejriwal

The author is Academic Director, Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA)

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Architectural Education: What To Expect In College & Beyond

Students pursuing architectural education can expect to gain a wide range of skills related to the design, construction and management of buildings and structures

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Skill Vs Technology In Design

Technology is merely a tool to assist the designer in creating a design; skill, on the other hand, refers to the designer's knowledge and expertise in various design principles and practices

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Entrepreneurial Skills We Should Be Teaching In Schools

Entrepreneur-centered activities and projects can help with setting up your kid for the challenges they will look in school, profession and beyond

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Making A Career In Design

To choose one of the best design colleges in India, opting for colleges that are nationally accredited will help to select the best potential design colleges to graduate from and reduce the hassle of selecting a valuable design college

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NIFT Entrance 2023: Preparation Tips

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) every year conducts exams to filter the competent candidates who want to pursue various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in fashion and design, incorporating technology with them. Here are some tips for successful preparations for NIFT 2023 entrance

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