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Aerospace Engineering: Career Prospects

An aerospace engineer's job entails designing aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles

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Reimagining Medical Fields: Brings New Challenges For Medical Students

Upskilling and reskilling is an integral part of developing skills and also become necessary to stay competitive in today’s world given the changes brought by technologies and even societal shifts.

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How Skill Training Creates Workplace Ready Generation

The digital revolution sweeping the world has given us unprecedented access to people, ideas as well as the marketplace.

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How The Independent Education Sector Is A Major Source Of Employment In India

The global educational landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation wherein many educational institutions and training centres have transitioned towards the online mode.

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Upskilling Is A Demand In Post COVID World

Upskilling, the process of learning new skills that are being used extensively in the industry, is the only way to stay ahead in the game in a post-pandemic world.

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