Shreyasi Singh

The author is Founder & CEO, Harappa Education

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Traditional Vs New Age Management Programmes

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, demand for nearly all jobs declined, but the demand for positions requiring a management degree was even more hard-hit

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Being Market-ready: Trends In Employee Upskilling

To understand how businesses are hiring employees and with what expectations, take a look at the current trends in upskilling

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Upskilling Employees With Thrive Skills

Thrive Skills are a set of cognitive, social and behavioural skills that enable individuals to succeed continuously at every stage of their career.

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Online Learning Insights From The Pandemic

A passion for people and their potential has to be manifested as much in your pedagogy as in your team.

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Is Large Scale Online Education Going To Be Permanent Fixture In Post-COVID World?

As governments scramble to contain the pandemic, schools, colleges and universities are forced to shut down.

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