Article on February 02, 2023

First G-20 Education Working Group Meeting Concludes In Chennai

Collaboration with Universities across the globe for enhancing technology enabled learning among major outcome in the 2-day conclave

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Byju's Layoffs Continue With 1000 More Sacked

Employees across teams including engineering, sales, logistics, marketing and communications have been asked to leave, reports media

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Budget 2023: Upskilling Education

Although there is a rise in the budgetary allocation on education, however only 2.5 per cent of total expenditure has been provisioned for education sector; to revive the education system in India, not only budgetary allocation is important but also NEP 2020 should be implemented with no time lapse

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Clarification Regarding Hospitalisation Of JNV Wayanad Students

It is reported that the hospitalisation of students is suspected to be due to a waterborne infection through Norovirus - a common contagious virus, causing stomach upset of students

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Investing In Retail Managers' Growth Through Education

To sync with the latest trends and developments in the industry, retail managers can pursue courses in Retail Management, E-Commerce, Leadership and Management, Data Analysis and Technology, Customer Service, Business Management and Marketing

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University Of Sheffield's Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

Students must commence their studies of an undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield in September 2023, for receiving this scholarship

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