Article on January 02, 2018

Pradhyuman Shows Us The Way

In the past, there have been several accidental deaths in schools which should have been our wake up call. Pradhyuman’s murder was no bolt from the blue. It was a systematic corruption in the education system that was withering away in front of our eyes. And while we chose to look away, Pradhyuman paid the price for it.

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Are Our Schools Really Safe?

Post the gruesome murder of Pradhyuman, safety inside schools has become a big headache for both parents and the administration. The incident has also brought security companies in the limelight. 4 months after what transpired, the question still remains, are our schools really safe?

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IIT Gandhinagar Scholarship in Humanities And Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar is accepting applications for scholarships for M.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences. This is offered to provide critical ability to approach the world and its challenges.

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Vel Tech University Declares Mahatma Gandhi National Merit Scholarship 2018 Open

Students planning to pursue their higher education after class 12 who are meritorious and have proven their caliber with academic excellence are invited under this scholarship to avail financial assistance for hassle-free continuation of their studies.

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Researchers Are Invited Under Lok Sabha Research Fellowships For The Session 2018-19

To enthuse researchers with the opportunity to undertake research of high standards on parliamentary themes, Lok Sabha Secretariat is offering fellowships for two-years in the same.

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