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One Women Show: The Change Maker

Aarti Naik is a slum-based young woman and educationist who runs Sakhi for Girls Education, which started in 2008. It’s a learning centre to create quality learning spaces for the slums and marginalised girls from Mumbai. Today, for more than 15 years of Naik’s efforts, 400 girls now have access to a girls' learning space inside their own slum community

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God's Service In Man Service

In conversation with BW Education, Maharashtra-based social worker and educationist Bernadette Pimenta, opens up on her journey of working for the upliftment of girl children in the state and her various other social upliftment projects

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Meet The Most Influential Women In Education 2023

After unveiling the list of the most influential women, it's time to take a closer look at the chosen leaders of 2023.

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