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Aims’ Team Shortlisted For Sustainable Hospitality Challenge

The Sustainable Hospitality Challenge aims to enhance the evolution of sustainable hospitality

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Glion Institute Of Higher Education, Essec Business School Float Hospitality Programme

The programme includes four 12-week online teaching modules as well as four six-day sessions

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Hospitality Education In India Calls For A Redesign: Is COVID The Propeller?

Most hospitality institutions have been following a curriculum that hasn’t seen a revision in decades.

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Hospitality Education In The New Digital Dimension

The possibility of returning back to lockdown is still there and digital education might be around for a while.

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Crisis Management Is Perhaps The Greatest Lesson That Coronavirus Leaves Us: Carlos Diez de la Lastra, Les Roches Marbella

In an exclusive talk with BW Education, Carlos Diez de la Lastra, General Director, Les Roches Marbella, spoke about the institution and more.

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