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IIT Delhi Was A Unique And Fulfilling Experience: Amol Parashar

The famously known as Internet’s Chocolate Boy, Chitvan aka Amol Parashar received fame from the TVF Tripling web-series, is an actor with smart and endearing looks seen in TVCs. He has done various plays, short films and is gradually making a space for himself in movies as well. From his alma mater IIT-Delhi to acting, he talks with BW Education about his college life and shares his views on the current state of engineering education in the country. Excerpts:

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IIT Is Not The End Of The World: Jitendra Kumar

The millennial icon and a digital sensation, acclaimed for his natural flair for acting, has won a million hearts through his outstanding performances. In an exclusive conversation with BW Education, Jitendra Kumar - an IIT graduate, talks about his recent educational satire web series ‘Kota Factory’. He also shares his journey from being an engineer to an actor and opines on the current engineering education of the country. Excerpts:

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