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Electrifying Electrical Engineering With AI

AI helps to predict renewable energy generation and manage smart grids that monitor and control electricity flow, manage energy storage and prevent failures & cyber-attacks

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Stemrobo Technologies To Provide AIoT Technology To Schools


AIoT can streamline administrative tasks and reduce the workload of teachers and administrators

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How Students Can Use AI And ML Responsibly

Students should remember that machines cannot innovate yet and it's a human's job to synthesise existing knowledge and create new things

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Chitkara University, NEC Corp To Co-develop AI/ML Learning Facility

NEC Corporation India signs MoU with Chitkara University to revolutionise learning in the field of AI/ML, using NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA to enable learning and growth for students, researchers and faculties  

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AI Experts Continue To Be In High Demand

To reach an inflection point in a career based on AI, you will need to learn a programming language; although there are several different programming languages, the most popular one in relation to machine learning and data science is Python

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Career Prospects In AI: Future Trends

The impact of embedding more AI into technology will have flow on effects to non-IT roles as well; any position impacted by algorithm-based decisions, such as human resources or marketing managers, will need to ensure decisions made are accurate and appropriately delivered to the targets of the decision

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IIT Mandi, Vehant Technologies Inks MoU

The MoU will help in developing enhanced applications in AI and ML and sponsoring projects on research and academic purposes

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Bits Pilani Wilp Offers Mtech Degree In AI & Ml

A new MTech degree in artificial intelligence & machine learning for working professionals launched by the institute

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How AI-related Courses In Management Studies Will Make Youth Future-ready

With Artificial Intelligence, education has become an anytime, anywhere concept and even educational content has become engaging as well as interactive

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