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Education In India: Bridging The Gaps

In India, in the last few decades, significant progress has been made towards universalization of primary education, access to school and infrastructure, teacher-pupil ratio, improvement in girls’ enrolment, etc. However, our poor educational outcomes and inefficient education systems are eliciting deep concern from all stakeholders.

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Have A Degree But No Job!

The engineering colleges in India churn out as many as 1.5 million graduates every year, of whom a minuscule seven per cent are considered ‘employable’. BW Education examines this paradox of a scarcity of ‘employable’ manpower and the swarm of engineers with degrees and diplomas, but not job skills.

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Bridging The Gap Between Conceptual Learning And Contextual Learning

The relevance of this article is important – bridging the gap between conceptual learning and contextual learning.

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