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Building Technical Infrastructure For The Differently Abled And Visually Impaired

Strong Technical Infrastructure or The Differently Abled and Technology Vision for the visually impaired.

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Pandemic’s Introduction To EduTech Reducing Education Disparity Amongst The Differently Abled


While the whole world is now innovating newer ideas which has brought us closer through a digital platform, it has surely brought in a huge change in the lives of the differently-abled.

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UGC Issues New Exam Guidelines For Differently-Abled And Higher Education Institutions

The University Grants Commission (UGC) asks higher education institutions to provide a minimum one-hour 'compensatory time' for a 3-hour examination, whether they use scribe or not.

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Differently Abled Require Early Digital Education

Access to internet and breakthrough technologies have empowered and geared many sections of society towards mainstream. We as a society should also mobilize this digital revolution towards new possibilities for the differently abled. Digital inclusion for Differently Abled persons needs to be taken on a priority basis in India.

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Open Employment Opportunities For People With Disabilities (Pwds) & Challenges

Just like the Right To Education, the right to work is also a fundamental right. A person’s work becomes his identity and it is essential for an individual’s dignity. It is also very much part of one’s human right.

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AICTE To Provide Rs 30,000 As Scholarship For Differently-Abled And Female Students

The last date to apply for Pragati and Saksham scholarship schemes has been extended to October 31, 2018

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Celebrating Differences Through Inclusive Books

The Children’s First Contest that was launched by Parag along with Duckbill Books and Vidya Sagar School, Chennai, solicited manuscripts that treated children with special needs as children first—with all the hopes, fears, mischief and fun that comes with being children.

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