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Time To Bring Disruption To Skill Imparting In India

Several industries in India and across the world have witnessed it; why leave education and skilling to natural processes when there is a dire need for acceleration

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Raising Resilient Students

The unprecedented disruption warrants schools and educators to play an essential role in helping children develop the determination and ability to persevere through difficult circumstances by inculcating resilience in them

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Save Higher Education From Disruption

10 reasons to set up Industry 4.0 centers at universities and save higher education from disruption. InnovatioNext specializes in setting up Industry 4.0 centers and Corporate Innovation Accelerators with cutting edge technologies and leading-edge programs to develop future ready professionals for the 4th Industrial revolution.

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Need for Learning Outcomes in Early Childhood to build Future Leaders

With disruptive technology and artificial intelligence beating humans in this competitive world, introducing learning outcomes in early childhood can have bigger return on investment than almost any other educational intervention

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