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Interim Budget 2024: Education Sector Insights

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the interim budget to the Parliament on February 1, 2024. Education experts anticipate that the administration would give the sector top priority

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How Can Interim Budget Impact Education Sector

Greater financing of higher education requires a major boost to become a Vishwa Guru

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Budget Expectations 2024-25: Things Education Sector Needs

A well-crafted budget, addressing the outlined expectations, can contribute significantly to the nation's goal of fostering a knowledgeable, skilled and innovative population

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Defining Moments Of 2023

A huge transformative shift of skills, talent and efficiency marked in the education sector after Covid-19, led to a completely new era of education

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Technology Adaptation In Education: Cyber Security Perspective


Edtech has the potential to revolutionise education and we can clearly see this evolution via the mushrooming of tech-based companies in this sector

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ASCI Updates Advertising Guidelines For Education Sector

The revised guidelines seek to ensure that students are neither stereotyped based on their gender or appearance nor are those who score low, portrayed as unsuccessful or failures

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New Age Technology: Transforming Indian Education Sector

This technology driven approach will make education inclusive and increase employability of the learners; policies like NEP 2020 will further boost the quality of education in India

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Budget 2023: Upskilling Education

Although there is a rise in the budgetary allocation on education, however only 2.5 per cent of total expenditure has been provisioned for education sector; to revive the education system in India, not only budgetary allocation is important but also NEP 2020 should be implemented with no time lapse

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Budget Speech: Highlights Relating To Education Sector

The Department of School Education has been allocated Rs 68,804.85 crore and Department of Higher Education gets Rs 44,094.62 crore

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