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Digital Platforms Key To Educators’ Professional Development: Report

A report from Zoom finds that the future of education in the Asia Pacific will lean on the ability of educators to drive a consistent, engaging learning experience for students across hybrid modes of instruction

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Centa Partners With CCS Dharampal Fellowship Program To Upskill Educators

As part of the selection process for the Fellowship, 100 candidates (shortlisted from all applicants) will appear for the CENTA® Teaching Quotient (TQ) test on June 11, and the results will be declared on July 4

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British Council Offers PG Scholarships To Students And Educators

GREAT Scholarships for students of subjects including Law, Engineering, Design, Science, Business, Humanities and more for 2022-23

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Teach Less If You Want Children To Learn More


As a teacher, the need to constantly upskill and keep your students engaged can be challenging but it need not be so.

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The Silent Warriors Of COVID19

Educators and teacher stepped up in the pandemic, adapting to the situation overnight to continue education for all.

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Educator's Good Karma

An educator speaks on the ripple effects of his choices, values, work and social responsibility. Keeping in mind the important lesson that "the evil you do remains with you: the good you do, comes back to you."

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