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How to Prepare for Geography Section of GK?

Geography is one of the most important components of the static GK portion in quite a few entrance exams. It is most relevant in fields such as law and civil services but of moderate importance to management or media fields. Thus while the former block of students must go through it thoroughly, a cursory glance may work with the latter ones.

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How to Prepare for Current Affairs Section of GK?

Current Affairs and Static GK broadly form the two major divisions within the study of GK for entrance examinations. A look through the trends over the years suggests that while the Static content used to be paramount in earlier times, the last few years have seen a change in pattern.

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How to Prepare for Economics Section of GK?

While sections like history and polity are more relevant for those applying to law or civil services, and business awareness is most important for management applicants, economics questions are ubiquitous. Yet the term “economics” in this context is somewhat misleading as the term implies a study of the theories and principles of the subject. Economics remains possibly the single component in the static section from which maximum questions are asked across entrance examinations.

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How to Prepare for Business Section of GK?

Business Awareness is a vast and varied topic within GK. Unlike other topics, this cannot be easily pigeonholed into either static or current as it is a clear combination. Business is a very important topic in most entrances for management courses. Know how to prepare and what to prepare.

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