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Remote Learning Opportunities In Management, Technology & Humanities

These end-to-end online programmes can be accessed twenty-four seven across geographies through learning management system

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Career Opportunities In Humanities And Social Science In India

The discipline has caught the attention of recruiters and regulators in a big way and the recruiters prefer the hiring of students from the field of Humanities and Social Science.

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Emergence Of Humanities As Attractive Choice Of Major To Study Abroad

A grounding in humanities essentially implies readiness for more human-related matters.

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Govt Introduces KAMP To Make India A Global Leader In The Field Of Science, Technology And Humanities

KAMP has been initiated to identify and promote gifted and talented students in the field of Science, Technology, and Humanities across India.

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New Approval Body For Journals In Social Sciences, Humanities: UGC

UGC has decided to set up a new approval body for research journals in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Humanities Stream Gaining New Heights

In some science research institutes in Kolkata, Rs 12,000 are provisioned monthly for the students pursuing their MSc programmes. And, don’t mistake it for a stipend, as charities continue even on a student’s failure in examinations.

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