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Canadian Economic Immigration Approves Pearson's Language Proficiency Test

Pearson's English language proficiency test, PTE Essential, will provide proof of language proficiency for those applying for economic visas to Canada

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Immigration To UK For International Students

It is most important that the move to the UK is planned properly to achieve optimum results.

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When Is The Right Time To Plan Your Child's Immigration For Studies/Work

If the child is closer to completing secondary education one can always look at an F1 student visa for the US, as it can be issued up to 120 days in advance of the course of study start date.

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Immigration Is Critical For Productivity And Growth Of Global Economies: GMAC Report

Underscoring the report, 63 deans and CEOs issue open letter calling for substantial policy change in US approach to high-skilled immigration.

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UK Announces 2-Year Post-study Work Visa For International Students

This builds on UK government action to help recruit and retain the best and brightest global talent

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Student Mobility Is Important With The Coming Industrial Revolution: William Boulding

In talks with Prerna Lamba of BW Education, William Boulding stresses on the need for ‘student mobility’ in terms of boosting economic activity, economic productivity, economic growth and economic opportunity of a country.

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