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Nick The Elitists

As English now, Sanskrit then, was seen as the language of the elite. Education in Sanskrit or others must have been debated even then. Education in local languages is key

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Relevance Of Language Across Contemporary Job Profiles

While the gap on most other important metrics of judgment is closing in on employees in recent times owing to the increasing competition, language command is one thing that can still help candidates to stand out in the applicant pool.

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Challenges In Enabling Technology Education In Indian Languages

"For technical education to be effective in Indian languages, we will have to solve some fundamental challenges apart from subject-specific ones."

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​Same Language Subtitling For A Billion Readers

"In a fast-changing world, the fact that SLS is still relevant after a quarter-century, says something about its intrinsic value."

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Proposal To Make Hindi Compulsory In UG Courses Can Affect Unity Of Country: CPI(M)

Demanding that the UGC withdraw the "circular", the Left party said even previous attempts to "impose" Hindi were thwarted.

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The Importance Of English Language In A Country As Diverse As India, Where Language Can Be A Common Ground

On a global level, there has been an upward trend towards adopting English as the official language among companies and institutions and with this, it becomes imperative for individuals in India to embrace the language to order to compete in the job market.

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