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MOOC - ‘Personalising’ Universal Education Access

A “massive open online course” is aimed at unlimited participation and open access using the internet.

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Online Course Explores Bicultural Treatment Of ‘Primal Resource’

This free, four-week online course continues the New Zealand Landscape as Culture series’ focus on teaching students how landscape is an expression of culture, and how they can transfer this idea to the landscape they live in.

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IIT Bombay Joins Hands With Next Education For Second Edition Of Two MOOCs

The primary focus of the courses is to make the teachers technology-ready and equip them with the latest technology in hand to implement it in the classroom

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‘Indian Learners Are Extremely Focused on Building Tech and Business Skills

In an email interview, Raghav Gupta, India Country Director, Coursera tells BW how Coursera is rising to address the demand for quality courses to address the dire requirement for new skills. He talks about Coursera for Business and the high quality courses they are introducing in India, in partnership with esteemed institutions such as Indian School of Business (ISB).

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Online Education will empower humans, not replace them.

Although he shares his name with a super-hero of the Indian film industry, Salman ‘Sal’ Khan is no less super-hero when it comes to reimagining education. Giving classes and sharing his knowledge started casually over a Yahoo! Doodle notepad in 2001, later taking shape of this huge online learning resource platform ‘Khan Academy’. Sal, Founder of Khan Academy predicts the future of online education along with its risks in his email chat with BW Education’s Sreerupa Sil.

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