ATAL-Fueled Growth: IILM's Data Expertise

IILM University, Gurugram has launched a Faculty Development Programme sponsored by ATAL, focusing on data analysis and its applications

IILM University in Gurugram organised a week-long AICTE Training and Learning sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Data Analysis & its applications. The programme aimed to equip faculty and researchers with the latest technological advancements in management, engineering and social sciences, while also fostering a deeper understanding of data science concepts.

The sessions explored Python-based data analysis, machine learning, structured equation modeling, principal component analysis, data clustering and reliability, with real-time applications in biomedical science and healthcare.

“IILM University's Faculty Development Programme has been successful in fostering an environment for advanced learning and research, bridging the gap between academia and industry, empowering faculties and researchers to tackle challenges in data science and Industry 4.0”, Dr Sujata Shahi, Vice Chancellor, IILM University, Gurugram, said. 

“FDP is transforming into a significant international conference, highlighting the potential for collaboration between IILM and industry to discuss the latest trends, challenges and solutions in data analytics”, Dr Arvind Chaturvedi, Pro-VC, IILM University, said. 

The programme aimed to enhance participants' understanding of advanced data analysis technologies like AI and deep learning through classroom lectures, hands-on Python programming sessions, case studies and additional materials like handouts and demonstration videos.

“India, a technology hub, is poised to significantly influence data analytics, offering immense growth opportunities due to its thriving IT ecosystem and increasing integration of data-driven decision-making across industries”, Echoing the views of Dr Sujata Shahi, Sameer Rai, Data Science Specialist at Tredence Inc.

“Data analysts, engineers and scientists are highly sought after in various sectors like finance, healthcare and e-commerce due to their expertise in navigating data, driving business growth and unlocking possibilities”, Dr Manisha Joshi, Co-ordinator, ATAL FDP, said.

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