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Scholarly is carving a unique niche for itself in the college admission and higher education space

Should I opt for Science or Arts? Can I study at Ivy League or top global universities? What is better for profile building - a research paper or an internship? What is the difference between an Early Decision and a Regular Decision? Is 1440 a good SAT score for getting scholarships?

These are some common conundrums that students, aspiring to study abroad, struggle with. Scholarly provides a one-stop solution to tackle such and many more puzzling questions and ease students’ anxiety. 

Headquartered in Europe, Scholarly was founded by Vivek Bhandari, an alumnus of IIT-Delhi and IIM-Calcutta, with the vision of training smart and ambitious students and making them College-Ready for admissions to their dream university. In 2020, Scholarly started providing its services in India and South Asia. Growing at a rapid pace, Scholarly has helped thousands of students in their higher education journey. Per Bhandari, “Our analytics capabilities and data on tens of thousands of assessments allow us to understand students better and develop customized plans for them. This helps our students outperform in their classes and standardised tests. We identify the students’ strengths and help develop those further rather than trying to bring every weak area up to average”.

  • Cognitive & Psychometric Assessment – Scholarly’s cognitive and psychometric assessment provides insight into students’ mental ability, as well as their key behaviours, motivations, and interests. With this multi-dimensional assessment, Scholarly has helped hundreds of students make the right subject decisions and career choices. Recently Scholarly was recognized as a leader in Cognitive and Psychometric testing by Silicon India. Geetika Jain, a parent from Jalandhar says, “My daughter completed three assessments which took less than one hour. I was amazed by the accurate and detailed report that Scholarly provided. The report matches exactly with what I have observed, and I was surprised that so much information can be obtained in a survey without even meeting the child. The counselling session covered the report in detail and helped us understand her strengths and motivations. We feel confident about her subject choices and college plans”. 
  • Research Papers - College-level research courses for high school students, under the guidance of eminent professors, is a unique service provided by Scholarly. These courses help high school students understand how their favourite subjects are taught in college. Additionally, being able to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom to real-world problems broadens the student’s perspective. The research papers are offered in a variety of subjects like Physics, Biology, Economics, Marketing Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Data Science etc. and lead to two transferrable college credits recognised by US universities. Mehul Jangir, who joined the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2021, says, “The overall experience with Scholarly helped improve my college readiness. I would recommend the credit courses to students that are interested in learning and going the extra mile to differentiate themselves”.
  • SAT Training – A perfect SAT score can boost the student’s admission as well as scholarship prospects to top universities. Scholarly combines the power of advanced analytics and live tutoring with the guarantee of 300-point improvement to bring out the very best in each student. It provides several complimentary assessments for students that want to assess their current level. Arnav Ghatiwala, currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania, highly recommends Scholarly to all those who aim to enhance their profile/increase their chances for selection to the best global universities.
  • Admission Support – Apart from outstanding grades, developing a holistic profile is crucial in receiving admission from top universities. Scholarly provides 360-degree application support to guide students through the rigours of the complex and challenging admission processes. With programs like essay/SOP writing workshops, book clubs, business plan development, foundational testing, NGO connect, mock interviews, website building, and summer internships, Scholarly trains students to become the best version of themselves and help them showcase their skills and activities.  Ghanshyam Khandelwal, a parent from Bangalore says, “Our association with Scholarly started when Hridanshu had just completed his Grade 10. The Covid lockdown had greatly impacted extra-curricular activities and even school studies. Scholarly helped us get back on track. They also assisted us with shortlisting of the universities, and we are very pleased with the number of admissions and scholarships my son received. We have always found Scholarly to be very proactive and professional. They have a strong understanding of the international admissions and profile-building space. As a parent, I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Starting with a close-knit cohort of thirty motivated students a few years back, Scholarly has assisted hundreds of students in their higher education journey. In what appears to be a little strange for a fast-growing edtech company, Scholarly is not chasing VC funding. In the words of Scholarly Founder, Vivek Bhandari, “Our focus is on delivering outstanding value and service to our students and parents. We are pleased with the strong results demonstrated by our students and the positive impact Scholarly has made in their lives. In our mind, sustainable growth is a byproduct of high-quality service and customer satisfaction”. 

With its end-to-end solution, analytical capabilities and extreme focus on customer satisfaction, Scholarly seems to be carving a unique niche for itself in the college admission and higher education space.

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