Building A Successful Career In Blockchain

A vast ocean comprising of multiple fields and job roles, Blockchain has created countless career prospects for the future workforce as well as the existing ones to upskill themselves.

Blockchain is one of the technologies that has gained immense traction in recent years and has now gone above and beyond cryptocurrency. Now, several industries have either already adopted Blockchain in their day-to-day operations or are planning to do so soon to enhance operational efficiency and optimize time, cost, and manpower. With the hype of cryptocurrency, more transactions are being dealt with and blockchain stands tall as a support system in the maintenance of voluminous data. The data are stored in the form of blocks in the database that can be accessed and shared with the employees.

Today, with numerous new-age startups emerging and SMEs becoming an integral part of the economy, there is a surge in demand for highly skilled and qualified professionals who are proficient in Blockchain. A vast ocean comprising of multiple fields and job roles, Blockchain has created countless career prospects for the future workforce as well as the existing ones to upskill themselves. That said, let’s delve deeper into the opportunities the segment offers and the skills required to build a successful career. 

Blockchain Developer 

Blockchain Developer ranks top in the list as developers are at the forefront of operating the technology. Besides, Blockchain Developers, the more skilled/qualified they are, will be eligible to receive substantial remuneration. Speaking of highly-skilled, being a Blockchain Developer would require skills including Coding Languages such as Java, Python, MySQL, PHP, GIT, Machine Learning, JavaScript, Docker, etc. Developers also require knowledge of the industry. For instance: there is a job opening in blockchain development for the financial sector. The candidates are expected to have basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin. Same as in the banking sector, they should know how the banking transaction works to give useful insights. 

Blockchain Legal Consultants

This field is a lucrative beast, but people often overlook it, making it one that offers multiple job prospects. The dearth of talent has raised the salary hike. Here, merely technicals skills will not suffice; you need to be aware of laws as well. Besides that, you can conquer the field with less competition. Skills such as Smart Contracting (manage and run the contracts smoothly) Computer programming (work on coding languages), etc., along with clarity in concepts of Blockchain and hands-on experience working on Distributed ledger 

Blockchain Business Advisor

This refers to planning a draft regarding how the whole blockchain will operate, the benefits it brings, and solutions it offers to overcome the blockchain barrier. It is similar to another consulting role where you as an advisor takes care of the entire business as an owner. Blockchain Business Advisors need to be adept at communication skills, leadership skills and possess in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and Machine Learning. Prior experience in the field would prove to be an added advantage. 

Blockchain Product Designer 

Products are the medium through which the company connects with the consumers, making them the key to any business’s existence. A Blockchain Product Designer needs to understand consumer behavior and design the product accordingly. Customers' tastes and preferences change with time and need modification in the product as well. While coming up with innovative ideas and creative solutions are a huge bonus, skills such as marketing, customer relations, etc., are crucial to building a successful career. One can even enroll in certificate courses on Blockchain and Machine Learning to upskill themselves and become future-ready professionals. 

Blockchain Project Manager

Project Managers in Blockchain are the professionals who have analyzed lots of data in the past. They are responsible for handling any management system and developing specialized features. The seniors run the overall blockchain project and assist the team in operating database systems and ensure completion on time. Leadership skills, research skills, data handling, and flexibility are some of the most important skills for Blockchain Project Managers.

Blockchain Writer 

Marketing digitally, there is a need to hire writers who convince the clients through his/her words. One convincing sentence is enough for the client to click on the template to read the details in brief. That sentence can make or break the process of acquiring clients and organizations need writers to write product descriptions, blogs, technical spec sheets, or manual templates. Companies often either hire writers or journalists or handovers the contract to the freelancers to get the things done. Skills including copywriting, research and analytical skills, and good vocabulary and fluency in English are crucial for Blockchain Writers to be on top of their game. 

In conclusion...the Blockchain field is the recent hype in the technology field. Major industries are practicing the Blockchain database to maintain their transaction for example cryptocurrencies. The shortage of supply of candidates in the market has raised the pay exclusively. Freshers need to learn the mentioned skills to establish successful careers in the Blockchain segment. 

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