Consortium For Technical Education And Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy Inks A MoU

CTE and APITA have signed a MoU to bridge the IT skills gap and elevate information technology education in the state

Consortium for Technical Education (CTE) and Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy (APITA), collaborated to focus on identifying learning gaps and curating online training courses along with virtual and in-person seminars led by industry experts, to bridge the gap between academia and industry, propelling indigenous research, nurturing a dynamic environment to use advanced technological education in creating new verticals and drive innovations. It sets the stage for comprehensive programmes empowering students and faculty members with industry-aligned capabilities. 

“This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in cultivating an environment that nurtures advanced technological prowess and fosters expertise in emerging fields. Our goal is to equip students and faculty with the tools and knowledge imperative for success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape”, K. A. Alagarsamy, Director of CTE, said. 

“This collaboration aligns with CTE's mission to bridge academia-industry gaps, providing resources and opportunities for comprehensive technical education”, Sairaman Srinivasan, Chief Strategy Officer of CTE, said.

“This collaboration underscores APITA's commitment to enhancing technological capabilities and offering industry-relevant courses. Together, we will equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills essential for thriving in the digital era”, Dr Ramakotti Reddy, CEO, APITA, said. 

This partnership between CTE and APITA will facilitate faculty development programmes, online video-based courses by domain experts, seminars on current and emerging technologies, as well as joint certification and diploma programmes. CTE aims to provide software licenses to APITA's educational member institutions, enhancing access to advanced technological tools. 

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