Creating A Strong Foundation For Universities

Academics discuss finding and using the perfect mix of ingredients for tertiary education

University forms the bridge between schooling and entering the job market. Over the pandemic, universities outcome has become a focus for government policies and industry demands.

Dr Anirban Chakraborty, Assistant Vice President- Research & Academic Development, Ashoka Universit, Prof (Dr) Nitin Arora, Proctor, Amity University - Uttar Pradesh and Partha Chatterjee, Professor & HOD - Economics, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR discuss balancing inter-disciplinary studies, research, skilling among providing other ample opportunities for students and faculty alike.

Skilling lies at the forefront of concerns brought up by the pandemic that saw huge job losses. However, universities today are ensuring that academia also is prioritised so that students are provided and open to all opportunities. Experts especially speak about the importance of research and improving the quality of education to be at par with global standards.

The full conversation can be seen here:

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