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Founded in 1886 by Mahatama Hansraj, DAV Schools today are present across India in major cities. Their prominence have only increased and the schools are known for the value they impart. Based on the philosophy of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and the ideas of Arya Samaj, DAV schools are run by the DAVCMC.

 DAV group has schools not only in India but in other parts of the world including USA, Singapore, Nepal and United Kingdom. The schools across are divided into aided and non aided institutions. In total, the group runs around 700 schools around the country. DAVCMC’s body DAV Centre for Academic Excellence was created in 2013 in an endeavour to synchronize and for optimal use of man, money and material available. It is involved in designing instructional materials and textbooks for classes LKG to standard VIII for DAV Model/Public Schools across the nation.

Framework of DAV Centre for Academic Excellence

  • Designing of textbooks and other Educational Material
  •  Designing of evaluation material (question papers) for classes VIII & XI as per CBSE Guidelines and evaluation and reporting guidelines for classes LKG to standard II
  • Academic Audit
  •  In-service training programmes for DAV Taskforce.

 According to Punam Suri, DAV CMS’s current president, “DAVians have successfully sailed through some of the toughest examinations and have headed to the new frontiers of success, where they will be trained to gain expertise and special knowledge to further serve the world at large. As Doctors, Bureaucrats, Engineers, Scientists and in many other integral roles, the world will have a new force of energetic professionals and thus, Maharishi Dayanand’s dream will be realized.”

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