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Job roles and salaries in design specialisations in 2021

The design has been an umbrella term for a variety of design spectrums. However, each of these is distinct from each other and come with their set of specialisations. Apart from the marked difference in characteristics, the roles and requirements along with the industry vary too. All around us design plays an instrumental role. Be it the everyday products, our clothes, furniture or even the apps and website, they are all designed to cater to user needs. The past few years have seen a surge in creative careers that have taken precedence over conventional ones. Creative aspirants have a plethora of choices to select from and opting for specialisations can help them create a niche for themselves. 

The current trends that are steadily growing, especially in the current times are as listed below. 

UX Design: UX stands for User Experience and its primary goal is to enable customers through seamless navigation of a website, software or apps to provide an overall good experience for the end-user. It also includes the creation of wireframes and visual features to enhance the browsing experience for the users. Since the nature of the discipline is technical, it is advisable to pursue a course that is a must for aspiring UX designers. Though challenging UX is exciting with rewards to boot.

UI Design: UI stands for User Interface and was initially thought to be a part of UX design. However, UI design involves experimenting with the creative aspects of a website/apps to increase its visual appeal and feel-good factor. UI design includes colours, spacing text, typography and other elements essential for good UX design. A UI Designer has the complete power to fix functions or whatever in the design.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design are at the core of the future of design. Design is constantly evolving. The focus of these two specialisations is on the blending of beautiful uidesign with a seamless user experience. 

The usage of the digital medium has increased and this has led to the high demand for UI/UX Designers, opening a host of opportunities, however, the supply has to meet the requirement to bridge the gap to fulfil it. Though there are many free and self-learning courses a formal education is helpful. This provides knowledge of the best industry practices and approaches towards this discipline. As companies focus on serving the user, the design will remain a priority and they are in need of designers who can help them achieve success in this digital age.

Job Roles: UX Designer, UI Designer, User Researcher, UX/UI Developer, Web Developer

Approximate Salary for UI/UX Profiles: 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum

Graphic Design helps to create communication and is interdisciplinary in nature. The dynamic field of communication is ever-evolving being heavily influenced due to technological advancements and cultural milieu. Nevertheless, it speaks a universal language that is essential to steer in the world that one lives in. Graphic designing can range from designing icons and illustrations for a web page, logo for a brand, typography or create a difference by curating content for social change. Since communication can take multiple formats, depending on place and time, what makes graphic design in today’s work a responsible and promising career, is its power to expand the concept of communication in a way that challenges traditional formats and at the same time augmenting the experience of it.

Job Roles: Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Multimedia Designer, Art Director, Layout Artist, 3D Visualiser, Web Designer or Developer, Game Artist, Concept Artist etc. 

Approximate Salary for Graphic Designers: INR 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum

Product Design is gaining momentum as a field of interest too. A comprehensive course prepares students to learn the nuances of the design industry. The only difference is that in product designing, the creator needs to think of the product as a whole instead of just experiencing it as a user. Also, one has to think of the product’s profitability from a business perspective.

Specific career skills can be procured by opting for specialisations. From generic to providing a wholesome experience has been identified with the shift in the way the product or design is perceived by the user. They do not want any compromises. The new era of designers are here to create a disruption and there is a market that has cropped up. Though these disciplines were there earlier, they have been brought into prominence due to the digital age and new technologies.

Job Roles: Product Designer, Furniture Designer, Interior and Spatial Designer, Exhibition Designer, Materials Engineer, Product Manager, Production Designer (Theatre/Film), Automotive Engineer etc.

Approximate Salary for Product Designers: INR 3 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs per annum

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