Digital Library: Perfect Companion For Literary Adventures

Digital libraries are fostering interest in reading among kids, students, professionals and parents without having to be limited by time, space and place

“I have always imagined paradise will be a kind of library,” said Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentinian author. Truer words were never spoken. 

However, the idea of a library is an evolving one, especially with the advent of digital libraries. Libraries can be the paradise that Borges imagined for bibliophiles, where they could browse and borrow titles for leisure and students could study and gain knowledge. They can be community spaces , where, say, a mothers who can take her toddler to read their first stories. And they could, at the same time, serve scholars to access magazines, DVDs and the internet or do research. The global pandemic has also spurred the love of reading. According to Nielsen's report on the ‘Impact of Covid-19 on the India Book Consumer’, reading time has increased from 9 hours to 16 hours a week. The digital library can be credited for this.

With access to a digital library, a user can carry their personal library with them anywhere. It provides access to an online and centralised collection of bestselling novels, books, graphic novels, academic journals, research publications, movies, documentaries, newspapers, magazines and much more. The digital collection offers enormous opportunities to tap into children’s interests and enhance professionals’ skills. It opens up a world of possibilities for avid readers where they get a chance to live out adventures through books.

E-book collections and audiobooks aid the love for reading and learning. The digital offering provides valuable features that teach users to browse, evaluate, navigate and use digital content - an essential skill for the 21st-century world. Moreover, animated texts, graphic imagery and sound feature help in building reading comprehension skills. At the same time, audiobooks are based on the art of storytelling. Audiobooks provide auditory models of the correct syntax and grammar for the English language. They also improve speaking accuracy and pronunciation, word recognition and visualisation abilities. These digital formats offer a shift in the storytelling experience which keeps the kids immersed in the story. During the narration, the story is presented in an intriguing way, making users visualise the story in their minds.

With digital content, a reader’s level of interaction increases making them life-long subscribers. They are able to express ideas & opinions, ask questions and create discussions using highlight or underlining tools. This also helps to better their ability to identify story elements, plot, main ideas and supporting details within the text.  In the Internet age, devices designed specifically for reading allow children to make their own discoveries and decisions. It changes the way how readers comprehend, read & learn and improves our ability to recall. Digital libraries provide a more personalised and full reading experience by immersing the readers with their special tools and features, making reading and learning intriguing.

With more and more digital materials available to users these days, a digital library is not just restricted to e-books and audiobooks. It offers a wide range of recreational resources like films, documentaries, music, comic books, graphic novels, newspapers and magazines. Making the availability of informational resources seem limitless. Such resources keep users engaged and updated with the latest developments while, at the same time, promoting reading culture. E-resources support the overall benefits of reading including increased knowledge, a positive impact on academic achievement, enhanced vocabulary and improves social development.

Having access to a digital library provides access to a variety of content with an unending number of selections and resources. Many educational institutions, these days, have been investing in digital libraries to provide instant access to books and make students avid readers, critical thinkers, information gatherers, and savvy digital media users. Digital libraries are fostering interest in reading among kids, students, professionals and parents without having to be limited by time, space and place. It makes it easier for them to access information, whenever and wherever they are.

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