E-sports: The Changing Face Of Sports

The E-sports industry is real, has been burgeoning globally and is investable.

E-sports is a booming global industry with its popularity being hard to deny. The digital competency displayed by skilled video gamers has transformed the arena of electronic sports into a spectator sport. The experience is comparable to watching a professional sporting event, the only difference being that instead of watching a physical event, E-sport enables spectators to watch video gamers compete against each other in a virtual environment. The inclusion of E-sports as a medalled sport in the 2022 Asian Games has further leveraged the popularity of e-sports for a community of players and audience who are not into virtual gaming.

The E-sports industry is real, has been burgeoning globally and is investable. Studies reveal that over 380 million people watch E-sports worldwide, both online and in person. With viewership increasing each passing year, there is a constant experimentation with new revenue models and the way we engage with digital content has been redefining. With its fragmented landscape and a growing digital platform, the e-sports sector holds promise for a multitude of monetization prospects and is a digital native take on watching competitive sports.

The below mentioned trends witness e-sports dominance strengthen as a wider set of audience have been brought in through real-life tournaments resonating with sport fans:

Rise of the fans and consumer focus in the landscape of E-sports

This form of digital sport is all about the fans and direct-to-consumer products. These may comprise of extended viewership options like player interviews, engaging content and sneak peeks into behind-the-scenes footage signifying the rise of E-sports like nothing else on the table. The segment is finally getting its footing in the world of competitive events, gaining respect throughout the sporting community and being treated as an equivalent counterpart. It also indicates that more fans have been stepping out of the woodwork every day, enabling the market to grow with amplified viewership. E-sports enthusiasts are just as invested as their traditional equals, and this can be evidenced through the millions of fans gathering to cheer their favourite teams both at live events around the world and on streaming sites.

Mobile E-sports bring new competition to the segment

Mobile gaming has been expanding in popularity with a staggering number of downloads within a short time frame. Surges in mobile play and the extensive use of the device have led to the making of several popular gaming apps facilitating users to play games in a competitive setting. They help in levelling the playing field and promote inclusivity in the gaming world. This inclination towards playing competitive e-sports enables even global players to get access to gaming arena right from their smartphones.

E-sports tourism to skyrocket in the coming quarters

The rise in E–sports popularity and the ever expanding base of fans and players is likely to witness an emergence of E-sports tourism. With the easing of lockdown restrictions and the travel industry being back on its toes, it only stands to reason that the fans would start traveling to view events and competitions taking place all across the world. This will spur on the spreading out of the industry by drawing support from E-sports destinations. Once metropolises comprehend the probable benefits to be made from an invasion of E-sports fans needing to book hotels, buy meals, and find entertainment, they will begin to lend the industry some backup opening profitable avenues for E-sports tourism.

Paving way for the growth of E-premier leagues

An inseparable part of e-sports these digital modes of gamifications are one of the key channels through which fans all over the world can engage with premium league players. This mushrooming area of sports has managed to generate staggering revenue in past quarters and the figures are expected to accelerate further. ePremier Leagues are a great platform for players of all abilities with a real mix of competitors and experienced players having proved they can take on the very best.

The inspired consumer focus, accessibility among gamers, adoption of new technology and a shift in cultural mind-set are pushing E-sports towards new horizons. The industry today appears on a stellar trajectory destined to make its own place on the world’s sporting stage, complete with its own idiosyncrasies.

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