Educating Young Minds Beyond Four Walls

Education always doesn’t take place within walls. Most effective learning takes place beyond a cocooned shell: Experts

While we are talking about the raging success of access to education, employability still remains a topic of discussion.  

At the BW Education 40 Under 40 Summit & Awards, some of the greatest minds joined hands to discuss this issue in great depth and find solutions to obstacles. The panellists were: Abhishek Suryawanshi (Founder & Director, Wikipedia Swastha), Sunil Sathyavolu (Co-Founder, Edsense), Sumesh Nair (CEO, Board Infinity), Upneet Grover (Founder & CEO, Getmyuni), Surabhi Dewra (Founder & CEO, CareerGuide) and the session was chaired by Hoshie Ghaswala, CEO, BW Engage. 

The panellists were of the view that school grounds can become an integral tool for outdoor learning and provide opportunities for young people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The role schools need to play in a student’s life is constantly evolving. 

The experts claimed that, if one were to ask what more can a school do, the options are aplenty. For starters, schools should encourage children to participate in a variety of sports. Early exposure to sports can help children identify and develop their talents for the right sport. Additionally, it can also help build their discipline and self-confidence. Having such traits can enable them to become better citizens. 

Basic fundamentals on helping children broaden their horizons is the need of the hour where space shouldn’t be a constraint in the flow of learning.

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BW Education 40 under 40 Summit & Awards

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