Education Sector In Transformation

Experts discuss the ongoing trends and requirements of the education sector while sharing their own experiences in navigating this evolving sector.

Transformation and reformation are a sign of development in a nation. As India embraces hybrid learning, focuses on skilling and improving primary education, transformation can be seen in every aspect of education.

Ajitesh Basani, Executive Director, Acharya Bangalore B-School, Kounal Gupta, Founder & CEO, Henry Harvin Education, Minal Anand, Founder & CEO, GuruQ and Dr Vishal Talwar, Director, IMT Ghaziabad discuss the consequences of macro changes in the country as well the micro changes within institutions to better learning outcomes and future advancement in the sector.

"Intake, as well as drop rates, are important, and so are diversity & inclusion. We have moved beyond looking at just the input, the quality of education and the output produces are equally significant," comments Dr Vishal Talwar on the overall changes in the mindset of educational higher institutions.

Speaking on the current trends, Ajitesh Basani states, "Skilling has become synonymous with learning. Keeping the foundation of education and hygiene in mind, there is room for experimentation to be done." Adding that the sector can only evolve by changing and introducing new pedagogical practices.

Furthering the discussion on skilling, Kounal Gupta shares,  "The focus should be on overall competency development and moving beyond just catering to demand, by looking at industry requirements." It is easy for students and parents to be drawn to careers and/or courses that are in trend or sound interesting without really understanding the sector it operates in.

"A trend can be transformative when it is solving a need for students and teachers. The pandemic saw many edtechs provide temporary solutions with no long-term plans," concludes Minal Anand when separating trends from the larger transformation seen in the country.

For the full conversation, please find the video below:

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