Faculty And Curriculum Are Two Key Components For Any B- School's Success

BW Education's team spoke to Dr Debashis Sanyal , Director of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon

Dr Debashis Sanyal , Director of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon

Q. For those institutions who do not believe in rankings, how does one measure their performance as an institution?

Rankings are not the only way to judge a b-school. There are many factors that together constitute a reputed b-school. National and International Accreditations, Qualification of faculty members, Publications by faculty, Popularity among the students and Presence on social media and news portals are some of the key differentiators that can help students identify the b-school best suited to them and also gauge its market value. 

Q. What is your vision for Great Lakes, Gurgaon and what are the challenges that you need to overcome to compete with other established institutions?

Our vision for Great Lakes Gurgaon is to further establish it as a globally recognized B-school known for competency in the new age areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics. Great Lakes, Gurgaon is a new age institution for new age businesses. The school has already made a mark for itself in the field of Business Analytics. Now it also offers specializations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The institute also has plans to be internationally accredited and to be a prominent player in MDP and consulting space. With the help of high-quality faculty and its innovative curriculum, the school is geared up for publications in high quality refereed journals.

Q. Tell us about the foreign collaborations and Student/ Faculty Exchange Programmes that GL offers? If not currently, is there anything in the pipeline?

The school has already started a foreign collaboration with internationally reputed schools for students and faculty exchange. We are also trying to develop a relationship where our PGPM (one year program) students will be able to opt for one term abroad.

Q. Government plans to set up one IIM in every state. Will that affect GL as a preferred institution for MBA?

For a B-school to prosper there is a need for a good eco-system and close relationship with industry. Great Lakes, Gurgaon is surrounded by global marquee organizations in the different fields such as Manufacturing - Hero Motor Corp., Maruti, Consulting - KPMG, EY, Banking – American  Express, Telecom- Airtel, IT Companies Google, LinkedIn. Also, being in NCR region it is in a close proximity with Govt. authorities too. So, prime location, good faculty access, close industry relationship altogether put Great Lakes, Gurgaon in a better position vis- a- vis some of IIMs that are located in remote places. Great Lakes, Gurgaon is confident that the curriculum that it has and its faculty who impart the education will always be preferred by many students.

Q. What has been the reason for low research output in India and how to improve it in Indian institutions?

Historically, all b-schools were teaching institutes. However, we see a change in the trend as more faculties are engaging these days in publication and research. In last, 5 years the publication has been much higher across all good b-schools and I am confident in next 5 years there will be much more publications across the board.

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